Happy Collections
by Egor Kevraletin
& Max Zevakhin
Marat Dzhantuganov
Funky Business


Brush Lettering Collection
by Neil Secretario

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This scene doesn’t get old

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Drippin in gold


Drippin in gold

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Michaela DePrince 

"I think that it is a rare artistic director that is willing to hire a black ballerina and promote her through the ranks.  The problem begins with the corps de ballet.  I think that artistic directors like the corps to look homogenous.  The corps is the backdrop to the story, a forest, a snowstorm, a flock of birds or a field of flowers.  One red poppy in a field of yellow daffodils draws the audience’s eyes to the one poppy. However, I don’t think the answer is to cull the poppy.  I think it’s to scatter more poppies about the field of daffodils. With more black ballerinas in the corps, there will inevitably be more black ballerinas rising.  I think that if these artistic directors or perhaps the boards of professional ballet companies want to draw larger more heterogeneous audiences, they need to be willing to change the look of the corps de ballet.”

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clumsily trying to do the simplest of tasks on photoshop. failing. feeling like i’m wasting time but i know i’m ~learning

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